Structure of the IBCP RAS


The main directions of scientific and organizational activities of the Federal State Budgetary Institution of Science of the Institute of Biochemical Physics named after N.M. Emanuel RAS (IBCP RAS) are determined by the Academic Council of the Institute.

The work of the Academic Council is carried out in accordance with the Charter of the Institute and other regulatory documents, in close contact with the directorate and the heads of scientific departments of the Institute. Charter of the Federal State Budgetary Institution of Science Institute of Biochemical Physics named after N.M. Emanuel of the Russian Academy of Sciences is approved by the Order of the FANO No. 1122 of December 4, 2014.

At the meetings of the Academic Council, in the form of reports and discussions, the most significant fundamental and applied scientific problems are discussed, the results of the implementation of the funded projects of the Presidium Fundamental Research Programs and the RAS Departments by the Institute employees are regularly reviewed, the reports of the Institute's laboratory heads, and the development of promising scientific research are heard. The following issues were also included in the agenda of the meetings of the Academic Council: discussion and approval of the Institute’s structure and staffing of its activities, approval of annual plans and reports on the results of the Institute’s scientific work, results of annual scientific competitions, recommendation of articles and books for publication, nomination of employees for contests for the award of state awards, gold medals and scientific prizes, nomination of candidates for awarding honorary titles, approval of scientific topics and the head th postgraduate and doctoral students, certification of graduate students and doctoral students of the Institute.

The Academic Council of the Institute makes decisions on holding conferences, symposia, schools and seminars. The Academic Council oversees the work on organizing and conducting these events, the work of the Inter-Institute Seminar on the most important problems of science, created at the Institute, where the leading scientists of Russia and the world make presentations. The Scientific Council of the Institute works closely with the Scientific Council on Radiobiology of the RAS, Gerontological Society of the RAS. Scientific seminars on gerontology are regularly held at the Institute and the Gerontological Society of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

The Scientific Secretariat of the Institute prepares and conducts meetings of the Scientific Council of the Institute, monitors the implementation of decisions made by the Scientific Council, prepares materials for registration of the Institute's legal documents: Charter, state accreditation of a scientific organization. The responsibilities of the scientific secretariat also include:

- preparation of materials related to the conferment of academic ranks, honorary titles, awards of various levels, state scientific scholarships and allowances for basic research, awards with Honorary diplomas, medals and orders;

- organization and holding of competitions of scientific works, certification of employees of the Institute;

- participation in the organization and holding of Russian and international conferences, symposia, schools, seminars and other scientific and organizational events organized by the Institute;

- preparation and coordination of plans for the publication of scientific works of the Institute, plans for scientific conferences, symposia, meetings and seminars;

- preparation of various advertising and information materials and information and analytical reports on scientific achievements and practical developments;

- providing the Institute staff with information about contests, grants, Russian and international programs and grants; monitoring the participation of the Institute staff in relevant programs.