Scientific Personnel Training Department

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 Head of the Department,

Candidate in Chemical Sciences

Ludmila Vladimirovna Nedospasova

and the deputy head of the department,

Candidate in Physics Elena Nikolaevna Timokhina

tel. 8 495-939-74-55

Federal State Budgetary Scientific Institution of the Institute (IBCP RAS) has been providing postgraduate education since its inception.

According to the decision of the Academic Council of the IBCP RAS, the training of scientific personnel is one of the priority areas of the activity of the Institute.  Responsibilities for the organization of the educational process for postgraduate students of IBCP RAS and the management of postgraduate student records are assigned to the structural subdivision Scientific Personnel Training Department (SPTD), which was created to attract talented young people, training and professional growth of young scientists.

Admissions to the postgraduate school of IBCP RAS is carried out in accordance with the Federal Law №273-FZ from 29.12.2012, on the basis of the perpetual license №0243 from 25.07.2012г. (with attachment) and the certificate of state accreditation №1489 from 12.10.2015. (with attachment). Training and certification of postgraduate students in three main accredited areas of training:

06.00.00. Biological sciences (scientific specialty: 03.01.02 Biophysics)

04.00.00. Chemistry (scientific specialty: 02.00.04 Physical chemistry)

03.00.00. Physics and astronomy (scientific specialty: 01.04.17 Chemical physics, combustion and explosion, physics of extreme states of matter).

The normative period of study in the postgraduate program is 4 years. The form of training is intramural, full-time. Training is conducted on a budgetary basis, postgraduate students are provided with a monthly stipend, nonresident postgraduates are provided with a dormitory.

The Institute receives up to 15 students from scientific institutes of different countries (Germany, Greece, Spain, Japan, China, Czech Republic, Serbia, Poland, Costa Rica, Brazil, etc.) for internships through international exchange programs (IAESTE).

The main objective of the educational process in IBCP RAS is to train highly qualified specialists in priority and promising areas of science in the kinetics of chemical and biological processes, including the creation of new catalytic systems (biomimetics) and eco-friendly technologies, development of highly effective bioantioxidants, pharmaceuticals, new materials and biofuels.

Since 2001, the annual youth school "Modern Problems of Biochemical Physics" and the annual youth conference with international participation "Biochemical Physics", which is attended by schoolchildren, students, graduate students, and young scientists, have been held at the IBCP RAS. Conducting annual youth scientific conferences allows the search and selection of highly talented young people and training on a continuous scheme: schoolboy-student-post-graduate student. Each year, about 250 participants take part in the youth conference with international participation IBCP RAS-University "Biochemical Physics" and the school "Modern Problems of Biochemical Physics".

An important scientific and organizational event of the SPTD is the annual Open Doors Days, at which presentations are made by senior and leading employees of the Institute, scientific staff of the laboratories give familiarization tours to the laboratories of mass spectrometry of biomacromolecules, acoustic microscopy, thermodynamics of biosystems, electrophysics and radiophotonics of composite materials and nanostructures, the center of magnetic spectroscopy, etc.