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Local public organization Primary labor-union organization


The primary labor-union organization of the Institute is a part of the Moscow regional organization of the labor union of RAS employees and exists as an independent legal entity since November 1996. The certificate of registration was issued by the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation on March 05, 1999. The main purposes of the Institute's labor union at the moment are to maintain science as a scope of activity of the Russian Federation and the RAS institutes as institutions of science. This will make it possible to defend both jobs and the opportunity for employees to conduct scientific research, as well as to reduce social tension in the team.

Members of the Primary labor-union organization of the IBHP RAS, elected at the VI Report and Election Conference of the Primary labor-union organization of the Institute on April 27, 2017.

Shishkina L.N. – chair of the labor union committee
Nekipelova T.D. – deputy chair
Vasilyeva A.D. – organization sector
Vasserman L.A. – cultural sector
Dudnik L.B. – organization sector
Evteeva N.M. – member of the Institute's safety committee
Konstantinova T.S. – youth sector
Molodinashvili G.G. – sporting and mass participation events